Jenna had finaly found a job. Her parents were so proud of her, but she didn't tell them much about her job except that she worked in a club and served drinks and stuff...

So one day her dad and brother decide to pay her a visit while she's at work.

So honey, this obviously isn't a normal club. What do you do here?

No you're right dad. I'm the clubs Banana Whore.

What does a Banana Whore do?

Well, for $50 I'll show you. And for $50 each I'll even let you play with the Banana's. All I'm saying is, there are at least three banana's and I let guests watch as I make them disappear.

That night her dad and brother both paid her twice. They had a really enlightening evening. At home they told her mom that is was a fun bar but she'd probably wouldn't like it to much. Something with sports and stuff...

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